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We’ve all been there. The tricks we have had to use to get our babes to eat. “Open the hangar! Here comes the airplane!” Or “Open the tunnel! Here comes the choo-choo! Ugh….back in the day when the tween was a baby, she would just look at me with confusion and a certain amount of wariness. And in her defence, why would a baby want a train or airplane in their mouth….am I right!? Besides all this nonsense, there was my disgust and concern about the plastics used to feed and play with my baby. There were no options. In my gut, I knew we were going to get a butt kicking by creating all things plastic. Just like the invention of cheese whiz, bad decision fellow humans.

But all is not lost. Bring out the hand clapping emoji! Tricks and plastic no more! We have new friends! And neighbours! Because they too live in this beautiful Okanagan Valley. The beautiful peeps at Timber Child have slayed the plastic monster by creating fun charged natural lifestyle products for your kidlets. Oh yes they have!

Like many designers on our pages, it was the birth of their daughter that sent this husband and wife team on a search for more naturally based baby products. But Kisha and James quickly realized that most products for babies and kids contain dyes, chemicals, petroleum based products, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and parabens. They also found that it was close to impossible to find 100% natural, non toxic plates that did not contain plastic, melamine and weren’t finished without the use of petroleum based products.

Hold on. This is the part I love the most, because this tenacious couple with an adorable newborn didn’t just shrug and follow the cattle – moo – to their nearest chemically scented – insert name of fast everything big box – department store. No, this dynamic duo wanted to create for their family a toxic free environment by respecting nature and their surroundings.

So, instead of purchasing plates made of death materials, they decided to make a few plate like trays for their little one and like a certain 70’s shampoo commercial – friends found out about these “plate like” trays and they told two friends, and those friends told two friends and so on and so on…

By creating these natural lifestyle products, it has also been their way of doing their part to reduce waste. And since embarking on this beautiful journey, they have noticed the increasing number of like-minded parents, locally and globally that are in search of the same things and lifestyle that they strive to embrace. So thankful are we that they decided to offer the world a choice.

All their plates and lifestyle products:

  • are made from sustainable Canadian Maple Wood
  • have been made without glue, PVC, melamine, mineral oil or toxic finishes
  • are cured in food grade organic Hemp seed Oil and Okanagan Beeswax


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