Twirly Girl

Who they are:

Handcrafters. Survivors. Dreamers. Entrepreneurs.

What they do:

TwirlyGirl was created by Cynthia Jamin, who survived a childhood of abuse and found the strength, courage and vision to fulfill her own dream of not just creating dresses, but to create her favourite dresses.

And when she enrolled in a sewing class, she felt compelled to make her two daughters a special twirly dress.

“I decided that it wasn’t enough just to protect my girls from the evil in the world. I wanted them to retain the joy and innocence of childhood for as long as possible. As I sewed them their dresses, I decided that all their clothes should radiate the pure exuberance of being a child. It shouldn’t just say “childhood joy.” It should scream it! I never felt carefree enough to twirl around in a pretty dress. The abuse took that away. I felt ashamed, and ugly, and unworthy of feeling that much joy. So this dress wasn’t just a gift to my daughters. It was a gift to myself. It was for little Cindy who grew up way too fast”.

~ Cynthia Jamin

Cynthia’s dream was never to run a giant business, but her dream was to create girls clothing that is truly special.

Something that captures and celebrates a period of life which is all too short.

All TwirlyGirl clothes are super comfy, and proudly made in Los Angeles, California.

Why we love them:

TwirlyGirl donates a portion of every sale to This leading national non-profit organization is dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect.

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