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Sophisticated fashion

Keep up with me, my peeps. We be trending in an ethically made sophisticated fashion kind-a-way, because that is just how we roll, am I right? Yep, we’ve got this. So caramel worthy, this is. You go get one too. You know that when I mention caramel, it’s going to be a party. That’s how much I love Velveteen and their winter collection for girls ages 0 to 14. I am nearly gushing over the unique silhouettes that include raw edge frills, luscious velvets, cosy alpaca wool and tiers of gathered gloriousness. Yep, me be salivating over such fun to wrap our girls in. Don’t even get me started on the shimmer. Yes, There be shimmer. The tween is breathing down my neck, chomping at the bit to get herself some of this stylish sass. Now you are too, chomping at the bit, I mean.

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