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I guess you could call our family a melting pot of cultures. Despite being born a Canadian, my life has been drenched in Scandinavian heritage, my Latin daughter has introduced the vibrant colors of Nicaragua, and my many travels have brought the love and appreciation for many more. But my most life-changing travels have been to South Asia.

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It was such a treat to discover Victoria Road.  A stunning clothing line that was created after co-founder and CEO Shannon Grewer made a trip to Pakistan and returned home with a passion and a love for the people, the culture and the fashion. So much so, that she wanted to share with the world that passion and love that would continue an entrepreneurial journey that would lead to an awe-inspiring collection that truly bridges cultures through design.

“We are about love.
We are about color.
We are about positivity.
We are about art and design.
We are about beauty in diversity.
We are about happiness in our own bodies.
We are about treating people with kindness and respect.

Our beliefs make us who we are,
But we respect and listen to others’ as well.
We are about dialogue.

Our world is a kaleidoscope of cultures, skin colors, shapes, ideas, faiths, ways of life.
We embrace all. 

Now, more than ever in our lifetimes, our choices matter. What we purchase, the clothes we wear, everything we own is made up of the stories of those who were a part of its creation. Let’s choose positively.”

~ Victoria Road

Besides loving all their designs for women and girls, I’m in love with their “spirit of inclusiveness” and how they are inspired by the richness and talent found in Pakistani fashion and craft. Where it’s a collaboration, celebration, and promotion of designers, artisans, craftspeople, and equally passionate entrepreneurs who infuse their vibrant culture into all that is Victoria Road.

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