Youth Independent Party

Who they are:

Ethical and sustainable. Environmentally responsible. Dreamers. Entrepreneurs.

What they do:

Krysta Lin was born and raised in Ohio, but spent her formative years in New York City, graduating from Parsons School of Design and designing apparel for some of the world’s best-known American brands.

Love and sunshine brought her to Southern California and finally to Long Beach, where she lives and works in a little mid-century modern ranch home with her husband Matt, daughter Kinzie and dog Pinto.

Like many designers, Krysta created Youth Independent Party after the birth of her daughter. She found it difficult to find quality, environmentally friendly basics at a reasonable cost.

Luckily, she began working with a manufacturer located near her home and as fate would have it, they had all the ingredients she needed to start this amazing company where children are encouraged to run, play and get dirty without worrying about their clothes being too precious to have fun in.

Why we love them:

Youth Independent Party (YIP to their friends and we like to think we are friends) creates custom fabrics knitted using Recover Yarns, which are made from 100% upcycled and recycled content.

Find them:

Youth Independent Party





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